Letter re: Power Jets to become a Government establishment, and offer of Chairmanship (February 1946)


My dearest Mother,

I am so sorry that I have been unable to send the enclosed before: I have just had no time until this weekend.

I am glad that you are improving, and, as the weather seems to be getting milder, you may soon be able to get a little fresh air.

I went to the pictures with Marjorie yesterday, for the first time for months. We say ‘The Spiral Staircase’, which was quite good. We then went to tea at the RAC and, later, Duncan & Audrey came in & joined us. They had been to a matinee. Then, later still, Christopher & Jeremy joined the party. After Duncan & Audrey had gone, we had the family RAC dinner – including oysters.

D & A had received a large woolly toy which I had sent the baby from New York. They will also get the silver christening mug in a day or two which had actually been dispatched on Saturday, the day we met them.

You will probably shortly see in the papers that Power Jets is to become a Government Establishment. I have been asked to continue as head of the show – that is, Director of the Establishment. I have not yet decided to accept, tho’ I shall continue for the time being.

We hope you will continue to improve.

With love from us all

Your own son


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