Letter re: reorganisation of Power Jets into National Gas Turbine Establishment (March 1946)


My dearest Mother,

We are all glad to hear how much better you are, and I know you will from now on take care of yourself.

I thought I had explained the Power Jets business to you. The position is that there is a large organisation owned by the State devoted to gas turbines and jet propulsion. It has been controlled by a Company of which I am Chairman & Man. Director. This Company is owned by the Govt. The Govt. now decides that they will control their gas turbine organisation on the lines of a Govt. Establishment, like the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough. I shall be (instead of Chairman & Man Director) Director of the National Gas Turbine Establishment. As a matter of fact, the Company will probably continue in existence, & I may still be on the Board of it, in order to deal in patents owned by the State:  I feel that this aspect is too complicated to attempt to explain properly now.

I expect that later in the year I may take up other activities, but all that is still vague.

We may buy a house here in Northwood. I will tell you more when the negotiations are further advanced.

The boys are in the garden building a snow house! The snow is fairly heavy here.

Duncan had lunch with me at the RAC yesterday. He expects to be going to India in about a couple of months. He is doing very well in the Service.

Did I tell you I had bought an elegant little chess set? Christopher has taught me to play on & off in the past few years. Both the boys are better than me, but I beat C. once, last weekend.

I enclose cheque & will send the rest in a day or so. I never seem to have enough in my pocket book when I write to you.

Love from us all

Your own son


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