Letter re: Power Jets appointment, newspaper reports of it and board members (April 1944)


My dearest Mother,

Thank you for your telegram of congratulations.

I don’t know what paper you saw the news in. The only correct statement was in the Times. The Mail & News Chronicle said that I was Superintendent of Scientific Research at the RAE – I was in 1939-40. Until yesterday however, I was Director of Special Project in the M.A.P. The Express referred only to my R101 period! In case you did not see the Times, the members of my Board are H.R. Ricardo (a famous engineer) Sir William Stainer (until recently Chief Engineer of the L.M.S.), S.H. Brown (a well known City solicitor), J.C.B Tinling and R.D. Williams (directors of the old Power Jets). I expect to have to spend half my time down in Leicestershire and half in London. We shall have to have in due course a house in the Midlands and a flat in London. We intend to leave this house very soon. My income will be considerably increased.

I expect you have gathered what it is all about. I have been working on jet propulsion since 1940, and in the last 18 months have done little else. My job has been the general coordination & direction of gas turbine and jet propulsion work in various factories here. Now I am going to run the pioneer firm, Power Jets, which has been bought by the Government, and with which I have been closely concerned for some time past. I shall spend one day a week with the ARB, but it is very unlikely that I shall ever return full time to the ARB, though I hope to remain associated with them.

The boys go back on Tuesday.

We all send our love

Your own son


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