Letter to mother (April 1944)


My dearest Mother,

The weather has been lovely here the last two days. Yesterday I was busy all day and could not take advantage of it, but to-day, Sunday, we have enjoyed the sun and the warmth.

This morning the boys and I walked over to Ruislip reservoir and we had a pair-oar boat out. Christopher and Jeremy rowed and I took my ease at the tiller. They are both very capable. We walked back just in time for lunch.

This afternoon we lay out in the garden and played around.

They have only got just over a week left. They both go back on May 2nd.

The Government have been negotiating for some time past to take over completely a firm known as Power Jets Ltd. You may have seen references to this in the newspaper. these negotiations may be completed next Friday. If so, there will probably be an announcement in the press on Saturday morning. As the negotiations may break down, I want you to say nothing about what I am telling you until you see the press announcement. If all goes as we hope and expect however, it will be stated that I am the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. After that, I shall be able to tell you a little about what I have been doing in the last 2 or 3 years, and how it has let up to new job.

The change will be considerably to my advantage, though I shall have to lead a sort of double life, partly in Leicestershire and partly in London. I shall, for some time to come at any rate, remain connected with the Air Registration Board.

I am most anxious that nothing is said about this until after the press announcement, but I feel that you should have a bit of advance information. If you want to tell Aunt Edith you may for I am sure she will keep mum.

With love from us all

Your own son


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