Letter to Mrs Amelia Cox (Roxbee's mother) from Stuart Greenwood, congratulating her on her son's Chairmanship of Power Jets (May 1944)


Dear Mrs Cox

I have just seen the news that your son has been made Chairman of Power Jets. I knew that Whittle had surrendered his interests in the firm to the Government, and now that it has become a Government business you must be delighted that your son has been given the extremely responsible job of being Chairman – I think no man could wish for a more attractive position now that the possibilities of propulsion by jet are becoming more evident. Jet aircraft are, of course, flying, but where I anticipate your son will be in his element is in the application of jet propulsion to civil aviation. He’s a valuable man to have on the job, and you must be proud of him.

I may not see you again before the end of June – I’m working hard!

Yours sincerely

Stuart Greenwood.

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