Letter re: Cripps' refusal to let Cox go back to the Board and chairing the Royal Aeronautical Society aeronautical education meeting (which led to the development of Cranfield) (June 1943)


My dearest Mother,

I am glad to know that you feel a little better.

We were going to see Christopher last weekend but had to put it off at the last minute. I am having an even more hectic time than usual, but have managed to have to-day, Sunday, off. I spent all the morning scything the lawn – I forget whether I told you that it got out of hand as there was no petrol for the motor mower. I have nearly finished it. This morning I cut my finger cleaning the scythe so that is why my writing is a bit worse than usual. I managed to play tennis with the Halfords this afternoon nevertheless.

Sir Maurice Denny asked the Minister the other day for me to be returned to the Board, but Cripps said it was quite impossible. There is, as you have probably seen from the newspapers a great deal of political activity about civil aviation and the Board is trying to get moving towards its pre-war set-up. We hope to get one or two junior people back, but it is extremely difficult still to do any serious work. There is also a great deal of interest in aeronautical education, and I am taking the Chair at a meeting of the Royal Aeronautical Society next Thursday for a public discussion of the matter.

The boys are well. Christopher seems to spend a lot of time on ‘Wings for Victory’ shows & so on at Bromyard. We don’t get a great deal of detail, but he seems to be enjoying himself. I hope he has time to do some work.

With fondest love from us both,

Your own son


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