Letter mentioning changes in Power Jets and NGTE (June 1946)


My dearest Mother,

I shall come to see you at the first opportunity, but I am more than usually busy. I told you some time ago about changes at Power Jets, and it is now that the changes are being formally made. On June 30th I cease to be Chairman & Managing Directory of the Company which ceases to manage the Government’s turbine organisation. On July 1st I become Director of the National Gas Turbine Establishment, which comes into being on that day to take the Company’s place. These changes & the consequent transfers of staff from the old organisation to the new one involve me in a host of problems & negotiations.

I gather from Hildred that you have just got to rest and that the eye-man is coming again in a fortnight to see how you have progressed. I expect it will clear itself up. I am not quite clear what arrangements are being made & I suppose I cannot expect to learn details till I come down. It seems to me however that you might find someone with small means who, in return for living rent-free, would be company for you and help if and when you were feeling below par.

I have not been able to do anything about Hildred’s passport. I hope she has got it. there is nothing anyone but the applicant can do. All my friends have similar trouble & the only solution is to make personal visits to the offices concerned. If Hildred has to do this, she might possibly be able to get the visas in London as well as the passport.

I will be writing again soon. I expect you are very bored being in bed again & (presumably) prevented from reading. What a pity you never got the wireless. I thought it might have been possible before this. Keep smiling. I expect you will soon be back to normal.

Your own loving son


Send me the specialist’s bill.


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