Letter to mother, from 150 Kensington Palace Road (March 1924)

March 28th, 1924

My dear Mother,

Everything received O.K. as usual.

Unfortunately, Prof. Bairstow hasn’t had time to look into my mathematics yet. He is very busy just now, as there are the examinations on this week. Also I haven’t been able to clear up my other work yet, but I’m still optimistic, though, unless things sift themselves out very quickly, I shall not be able to get my thesis in by June 5th. If one is later than that it delays things by about 3 months.

At the moment of writing (6o’clock) I am not in possession of the latest strike news, but as you are aware, the Tubes are due to come out to-night, and if the electric suburban lines do the same, I shall be stung(?), for Bairstow won’t be able to get in.

However, it probably won’t last.

I’m afraid I have no more to write about, so I will draw gracefully to a close. I hope you are all keeping fit, & that G’ma Stern is alright again.  Give my love to all,

Fondest love,

Your own loving


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