Letter to father (July 1923)

Clarence Hotel

July 20th


My dear Father,

Congratulations! When I come home we’ll drink some beer out of it, while you graphically dilate on your triumphal path to the final.

I shall be coming home on Wednesday, though at what time I cannot yet tell. I am winding up my affairs here and am not certain when I shall be quite clear.

I was on the ‘phone this morning with Hill, the secretary of the Dept. of Aeronautics, & he says that there is no need for me to be at all anxious because (this, he says, is strictly confidential) if no grant is forthcoming, it will be arranged that I go back to college as a member of the staff on some small salary.

Don’t say anything about this outside the family, because there’s many a good old slip and all the rest of it, you know.

I have just got my parcel and Mother’s note. I had thought of sending some things on as she suggests. I shall have to.

The weather has been uncertain here for a day or two but at this very moment as ever was, it is brilliantly sunshiney & hot.

I wonder how the heat wave affected your business. Heat drives people to the seaside, but much heat drives them out of auctioneers shops. But its cooler at nights, isn’t it?

If what Hill says is absolutely right, it would seem that they’re anxious to keep me at college. I hope Bairstow won’t be disappointed with me, because the work will be extremely advanced. Anyhow I shall do all I know to get a Ph.D. Doctor Roxbee Cox sounds good, doesn’t it?

Ah, well! I can’t think of anything else.

I will write my usual letter this week end.

Au Revoir!

Give my Love to Mother & G’ma & G’pa.

Yr. affectionate son


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