Letter to mother (July 1923)

Clarence Hotel,

July 22nd

My dear Mother,

Le jour s’approche!

This, I expect is the final message of Harold Roxbee Cox of Kings Norton in the City of Birmingham from Teddington in the County of Middlesex to his lil ole shack or ancestral hall.

Such news as there is, (incidentally, I can’t think of much) will probably improve in keeping until Wednesday.

There is staying at the hotel at the moment a gentleman (?) Illingworth who has got a rather hot electrical patent which is being tested at the Laboratory. I seem to have a knack of getting to know people who can tell me something and this very nice old gent has told me all about his patent & has made arrangements for me to penetrate the holy of holies wherein it is being tested, to-morrow. I shall be interested. He is a useful acquaintance to have & we have swapped cards.

Morgan & I, who are the only two of the Band at ‘home’ this week end went on the river yesterday evening. We had quite a peaceful time, and I made by sad adieux to good old Father Thames.

I have had an enjoyable & interesting time here, and have met men who will be useful to know professionally at all times in my subsequent activities.

I see that the Empire Airship scheme is likely to start operations soon. Splendid! We are wakening up at last. I think I said in a letter about 6 months ago, that the trade revival would follow hard on the heels of the airships. You see!

Well dear, Cheerio!

The next you’ll hear from me I expect will be when the door bangs. Can’t say yet what time on Wed I shall arrive though. I’ll try & let you know.

Guvnor must have had a long week this last week.

Give him & G’ma & the Cup winner my love.

Your loving son


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