Part of letter to mother (1924?)

My dear Mother,

My washing parcel arrived on Thursday in the rain so Mrs Bull put it in her boiler thingummy to dry and forgot to tell me it had come till Friday night. So I did not get your note till then, and had been wondering why I hadn’t heard from you.

I got your letter and Grandpa’s this morning, and am replying straight away.

Good News! Your lil Adjee Top(?) thought that the work on Engines and Thermodynamics he was doing wasn’t much good to him as he had done most of it before, so, having talked with Dr Peppard, he bearded Sir Richard Glazebrook in his den and asked to be allowed to attempt some structural research. Sir Richard agreed, so I am starting on an investigation on my own.

Unfortunately, Peppard is going, having been appointed Professor of Engineering at Cardiff University, so I shall not have his guidance. He has however, told me to write him about the work when I like, and has introduced me to Professor Levy who will keep an eye on it.

Again unfortunately, I do not think this work will be any help towards my Ph.D which is a science degree whereas structures is Engineering, but I might get some kudos from it, and again, I might give it up if time for PhD work presses.

In Peppard’s words, there’s as much work in the problem as I care to make.

Now I am seriously considering dashing home next weekend, but I shall be quite unable to make a decision until the last minute, so you will get a wire on Friday if I find I can manage it. Anyhow, I will discuss possible trains with the Guv’nor on Monday night.

You must have had a rotten cold for it to be only just leaving you. You must really look after yourself and not go out in bad weather as you did last Christmas.

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