Letter to parents (June 1923)

Clarence Hotel

June 6th

My dear Mother & Father,

Presents one gets on one’s 21st Birthday seem so much different to any other sort that I feel that in a mere letter I cannot thank both of you for the Cigarette-case & Cigarette-holder anywhere nearly as well, or as much, as if I were with you.

You will both have to admit at last that I am ‘grown-up’, though when you see me, which may be at the end of the month, I don’t suppose I shall be looking much older.

The case & the holder are both perfectly topping. As a matter of fact, they were a complete surprise to me, as I thought the blazer was to be your present. Incidentally, I shall be having it on Friday, but I don’t want you to send me the price of it. 10/- will be enough – I can put the rest.

I am not sure whether I shall be able to see you, Dad, if you come to Town, I am so busy. But on Tuesday & Friday at lunch time I generally have ½ hr. to spare:  don’t inconvenience yourself on my account at all though, as at that time of day you will probably be wanting to do some business.

I suppose you know what Auntie Celie & Uncle Allan, Auntie Hildred & Uncle George & Vi, have sent me? Gold links & studs from the former, & a beautiful cigarette-box from the latter:  and I am writing this with the pen from G’ma Cox.

G’ma Stern sent me 10/- to get myself something – a book, I think it will be.

I have heard also, besides from all the family, from the Misses Gibbs & Mrs Turner, & from Leslie Britton.

My eyes are not troubling, and I shall have to leave them till I have more time.

I am spending to-night answering letters.

The two boys here, Jack & Leslie, gave me 50 State Express Turkish this morning. Jolly decent of them.

Auntie Ede is getting me a book.

I don’t know whether you expected a special sort of letter on this special occasion, but if so, I am afraid I am disappointing you. I can only thank you again & again, not only for the presents, but for everything in the past twenty one years:  and I hope in the next two or three years to do something which may make you proud of

Your own son


P.S. Thanks for the Melachinos(?)

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