Part of letter mentioning starting at the National Physical Laboratory (1924)

The present Secretary of State for Air, as you may have noticed, is Sir Samuel Hoare, and he didn’t impress me any, but I liked his Under Secretary, His Grace the Duke of Sutherland, who took the Chair on the second day. During his session some speakers started – ‘Mr Chairman and Gentlemen’, others – ‘My Lord Duke and Gentlemen, still others – ‘Your Grace and Gentlemen. It didn’t matter much of course, but a bookmaker would done well in bets on the mode of address of the next speaker.

There’s an organ-grinder outside now playing all my favourites, so its hard to concentrate – ‘If Winter Comes’ – on this letter.

I suppose the Murray ensemble will be estate dwellers by the time I get back – ‘The Last Waltz? – won’t they?

I’ve got an idea that there’s something I particularly wanted to say, but its slipped me: any how, it was not important, I expect.

I start at the N.P.L. NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY on April 23rd, so I get my full Easter Holiday. I heard about it from Mr Southwell this morning.  He signs thus –

…… so I fancy he must write nearly as well as I do.

I have it from a reliable source, - Col. Richmond, to be precise, - that there will definitely be some time this year, an Imperial Airship Service inaugurated to the Far East, twice a week to India ( 7 days run) with a weekly extension to …

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