Re: Sir. Richard Glazebrook leaving (Letter, 1923/4?)

My dear Mother

This is the weekend letter. I expect I shall drop you another line before I take my weekend, but if I do not you can take it for granted that I shall be home next Friday sometime.

Please thank Grandpa for me for sending me the British Industries Fair ticket, but for reasons I will explain when I see you – in less than a week – I don’t think I shall be able to use it.

I shall – as usual – be very busy next week so I think I shall not be able to see Grandpa in Town as usual, and anyhow I’ll be seeing him at the week-end.

Thanks awfully for the chocolates. They were warm when I got them, as Mrs Bull always put my parcel to air, especially when the weather’s damp or rainy, and when I got the parcel it had been airing all day.

I have just heard from Mr Hill that Sir Richard Glazebrook is retiring at the end of this session. There is some speculation as to who will be his successor, it may be Prof. Bairstow. I hope it is.

The Air Conference passed off very well. Half of the stuff that the ‘Daily Mail’ & ‘Evening News’ reported Brancker to have said was never said at all. It was childish …..

Sir Richard made the best speech of the last sitting, I think, and the best speaker of the whole Conference was my Lord Gorell, late Under-secretary of State for Air Australia (14 days) with an occasional ‘round trip’ (28 days). Fares to be cheaper than steamship fares – same comforts – no sickness – 4 times as fast – what more could one want.

Well, if there’s any more news I’ll tell it you next week.

Hope Dad is well and doing some business. Love to all,

Your loving son


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