Letter re: Royal Aeronautical Society garden party


My dearest Mother,

I was glad to hear of your weekend at Weston. You certainly have had wonderful weather and I hope that you have enjoyed it. We were sweltering in the sun at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Garden Party, which was held at Fairey’s aerodrome near the Great West Road. It was a delightful function and we enjoyed it very much. We were – of course! – among the elect who had tea in the President’s marquee, so that the afternoon was not even marred by the usual scrap for tea. We had dinner at Virginia Water on our way back, and altogether enjoyed our day.

On Friday - & this is why I postponed writing to you – we went to the Farrington’s to dinner. Willy F.  is engaged & is to be married about July! He has apparently known the girl, in Manchester, for seven years. I think therefore, that this is probably not the grand passion, especially as, from photographs, the girl appears in no way exceptional. I suppose I make automatic comparisons with my own elegant bedfellow. I thought you would be interested, as you met Willy when you were here last.

To-day we are messing about. I am, at intervals, mowing the lawn. As I write, I suppose you are en route home. We haven’t heard from Aunt Hil. but are assuming that we are coming next weekend.

Love from all of us,

Your own son,


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