Letter from Royal York Hotel (Toronto), plus Air Mail envelope (November 1945)

Canadian Pacific Hotels

My dearest Mother,

You will I know have heard from Marjorie of my safe arrival. I left London on Wednesday, not Thursday as I had expected. I was in New York on Thursday afternoon, had dinner with friends, went on to Washington, left there on Friday afternoon by train and reach here, Toronto, on Saturday morning. I leave here to-morrow, Wednesday, for Buffalo.

I know your friend Cissie Atkins (?Adkins) is or was in this town and I remember her husband’s name was Dick or Richard. There are too many Atkinses in the telephone book to provide a clue, but in any case, if the parties are still here, it is a little dangerous to look up people with whom there has been no contact for so long. They may be horribly rich or terribly poor – both embarrassing circumstances!

I am glad to know that dear M. is coming down to see you. I am glad she is not with me this journey:  I am continually moving, and shall only total a few hours in New York, which is where she would want to stay.

This town is unattractive. It is as big as Birmingham, but not very interesting. The hotel however, which is the largest in the British Empire, is excellent. I am on the 10th floor with a view out over Lake Ontario.

If you write to me it is best to address

c/o Sqdn Leader Adderley
British Air Commission
1785, Massachusetts Ave
Washington D.C.

I do hope your arthritis is not troubling you too much and that you have not been falling down again.

The weather here is cold and dry and the hotel, of course, is grossly overheated.

I arrived in New York on Thanksgiving Day and was met at the airport by Lester Gardner & his wife, old dears whom I have known for some years. He is Chairman of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences before whom I am to give the Wright Bros. Lecture. They gave me a Thanksgiving Dinner at the University Club, which is a very charming place, & then took me to the Station.

I expect you will get other snippets of news from Marjorie and in any case I look forward to seeing you soon. I am due to leave NY. on the 18th Dec.

Give my love to the Aunts

My love to you

Your own son


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