Part of letter re: 31st Wilbur Wright Memorial Lecture, given by Edward P. Warner, entitled "Post-War transport aircraft".

…the vote of thanks, but apparently I did tell you.

The lecture, by Dr Warner, was a brilliant piece of work. The hall was packed. Cripps was there and Winant and many other slightly less notable but prominent people. My speech was apparently successful and I have been quite astonished at the number of people who have sought me out to congratulate me on it – including Lord Bennett, the old Canadian Prime Minister, who is I suppose a good judge. I will either send you a copy of the shorthand notes or else, in the Autumn, a copy of the Journal with it in. Perhaps both.

Lord Brabazon seconded the proposal in his usual inimitable style. He is the nicest of men.

Dr Warner is coming to stay for the night with us on Monday. He is an extraordinary man, very gifted; he is very close to the President.

I am sending you a copy of my famous nursery rhyme. Your copy had only one word missing but was very difficult to read. I can assure you that the rhyming scheme is entirely in order and would have been quite acceptable to Keats, Shelley, Milton or Byron!

I will send you the New Statesman, tho’ I may once or twice have to miss a week. For example, I think Marjorie has promised this weeks’ to a friend & we may not get it back.

Marjorie sends her love

Your own loving son,


P.S.  Sir Nigel Normal, second Barone, was a member of the A.R.B. and a friend of mine. He was about 45 and was killed in an air accident. He & I were largely instrumental in getting gliders going in 1940.

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