Letter re: lecture to Leicester Association of Engineers and family news, plus envelope (December 1944)


My dearest Mother,

I was glad to have your letter and to know that you felt alright about your Christmas arrangements. Old Posh is home. I have just measured him in his shoes and he is 6ft 2 in. He came home on Thursday. On Friday evening I had to give a lecture in Leicester to the Leicester Association of Engineers. It was a most successful meeting – one of the largest I have ever addressed, probably between 500 & 600 people.  Sir Lindsay Everard (Everards Ales), MP for the Melton division of Leicestershire was in the chair. I stayed the night with him at his house, Ratcliffe Hall, where he has his own aerodrome. I returned to Town on Saturday afternoon and met Marjorie & Christopher and we went to see the revival of Pinera’s old farce ‘The Magistrate’ at the St Martins’ Theatre. Very amusing.

Christopher has, apart from nasty remarks about his writing, got a very good report. His house-master remarks that he is “a most loyal & enthusiastic boy and one who is already doing a great deal for the house. He is in all ways most dependable and reliable”.

We all hope to manage to see you soon somehow. With love and all good wishes.

Your own son


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