Letter re: USA/Canada trip and lecture (December 1945)

Christmas Day

My dearest Mother,

At last I have got time to write to you again. I was due to leave New York at 2 pm on Wed. the 19th but the heavy snow blocked the runways and the trip was postponed until 2 a.m. Thurs. Actually the runways were not clear until about 4 am so we did not leave till 4.30. We were in Newfoundland about 10.30, & stayed an hour, arriving at Shannon airport in Eire about 3.30 am on Friday. We had to stay there about 24 hours through a defect in the undercarriage, but left at 1.30 am Sat, arriving at Hurn in Dorset at 3.30 am. My works chauffeur met me there and after clearing the customs, we arrived at Frith Lodge for breakfast.

I went to the office on Sat morning & Christopher came with me. I am trying to catch up with the newspapers – the American ones can’t be trusted.

We were all in Town yesterday – Christmas Eve. We had lunch at the RAC and went to a French film afterwards, then home to dinner. As I write, the rest of the family is in the kitchen preparing the Christmas fare.

I am sorry that your present has not arrived in time for Christmas. From what I hear it may still be delayed some time. I hope you will like it when it does come.

I had a most interesting and successful tour in America. My route was New York, Washington, Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland, Dayton, Schenectady, Boston, Lynn, Washington, Philadelphia, Washington, New York, Washington, New York, home. I am assured that my lecture was a great success. I will send you a copy when it is published in a few weeks time.

As you know, I flew to America & back but I did all my travelling over there by train. I think I did nearly 3000 miles by train. I had a busy time, but have returned in good form.

We shall all be seeing you during the boys’ holidays. I will write again about this soon.

Christopher has a fairly good report, Jem an excellent one. Christopher’s friend Edwards is now head of Busby’s & C is senior monitor. He will be leaving next summer, I suppose, & presumably will have to go into the army.

All good wishes for the New Year,

With love from

Your own son


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