Letter re: 30th Wilbur Wright lecture and being elected Vice President of the Royal Aeronautical Society (May 1942)


My dearest Mother,

Thank you for your letter of the 27th, which I got this morning. I have dictated a reply to Stuart G. to-day and shall sign it to-morrow.

I am glad to hear Christopher has written to you. He seems to have got a more complicated form of clarinet and says he is getting on well with it. Quite why he decided to learn to play the clarinet is not very clear, though I think he expects to fill a vacancy in the orchestra when one of the seniors leaves; also, he likes blowing.

Last night was the 30th Wilbur Wright lecture, given by Lord Brabazon, formerly Col. Moore-Brabazon. He gave a characteristic lecture, and there was a good audience. The vote of thanks to the lecturer was proposed by Sir Roy Fedden, and I seconded the vote of thanks in a short speech well received.

After the lecture we had the Council Dinner, which despite the war, was a brilliant occasion. The meal itself was simple but very well done. We had three Ambassadors, more than ever before – The Duke of Alba, Baron Cartier de Marchienne, and Mr Winant, representatives respectively of Spain, Belgium, & the U.S.A. The Baron was on my right at dinner. He is an Edwardian relic, with a flowing moustache & cravat. Brab. made a most effective speech after dinner and so did Mr Winant.

At the council meeting before the lecture I was, to my very great surprise, elected a Vice-President of the Society, the other being a Mr Relf of whom you may not have heard but who is very well-known in aeronautical circles. The new President is Mr Gorge, the chief engineer of Shorts.

It is raining hard this (Friday) evening. The weather has been pretty poor lately.

We are so glad to hear that Hildred is better. Give her our love. I hope Edith is well. Our love to her, too.

Don’t tire yourself,

Your own loving son


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