Letter re: election to Council of the Royal Aeronautical Society (March 1935)


My dearest Mother,

I am at last writing on Friday night again, but although I have not been to Town, term having finished, I have only just got home (6.45) as I have been to Hawkers at Kingston.

I hope I shall hear to-morrow what you thought of ‘The Court (?) of England’. It has had a fairly good reception in London, mainly on account of Hadee (?) Wright, the old lady. We are not going to our local theatre this week: they are doing ‘The War’ which M. has seen & which I am not keen to see. We are going to-morrow to see ‘Lady in Danger’ the film with Yvonne Arnaud & Tom Walls in.

You will be interested to hear that I have been elected to the Council of the Royal Aeronautical Society, & shall serve for two years. It should be interesting.

The children are flourishing and send their love. So does Marjorie. Hoping you are well,

Your own loving son


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