Letter re: hopes for future professorship (July 1931)


Christopher has just come in & says
I want to write to Granny. So here he
puts his love & kisses xxxx

My dearest Mother,

I haven’t much news for you, I’m afraid.

When I said my new appointment had not been gazetted, I was speaking figuratively. Actually it does not appear in the ‘London Gazette’ tho’ it should appear in ‘The Times’. I haven’t noticed it there yet, but may have missed it. At any rate, if & when it does appear, I will send G’ma the cutting.

My lecturing appointment is practically fixed. In the late autumn I shall be earning a comfortable salary and shall be able to get straight again. At the moment I have a big overdraft. The Bank stand it because of my ‘expectations’.

I have high hopes for my future now. With a foot in Imperial College, my seniority, and increasing ‘fame’ I have designs on a Professorship in a few years time.

Well, my dear, Marjorie & Posh & I send our loves to you both, & hope you are well.

Your own son


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