Re: his mother's health, family news and aircraft trials on aircraft carrier Illustrious (Letter, July 1946)


My dearest Mother,

I was delighted to have a letter from you again. I feel now that you must be making real progress. I am sure the stay at ‘Sealawn’ will complete the cure. I have a very pleasant note from the Matron, and I should think she must be a very nice person.

I know that Milba was extremely good, and I am sure she knows how grateful you are for what she did. I am sorry about Aunt Edith. She should get away for a change if possible. She needs a complete rest.

We are waiting for the licence to repair and redecorate our new house to come through. I have not yet signed the contract – there are still legal formalities – but everything is going well. It is not very thrilling from the outside, but inside it is very attractive.

The boys are due home next Tuesday.

I had a day at sea last Tuesday on the aircraft carrier Illustrious. We came back on a destroyer on which we spent Tuesday night. We were watching trials of aircraft on the carrier and had a most interesting time in the Channel.

Keep on getting better

Your own loving son


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