Re: secrecy over new job at Power Jets and family news (Letter, April 1944)


My dearest Mother,

Thank you for your letter. We were very sorry indeed to hear about Mrs Firkins:  we had thought that the seizure might not have ended fatally.

I have seen Edward Warner but not in connection with his main mission. He had lunch with me to-day. My (probable) new job is not in connection with civil aviation, to which I shall not be returning for some time to come, though I expect to maintain contact. I shall have to postpone any details for a while, because the whole matter is still confidential, and negotiations are still proceeding.

Christopher came home last Tuesday. His report is patchy, as usual. Some things good, others bad. He is growing fast. He has grown well over an inch since Dec. 22nd. He is 5’ 9 ¼” in his socks and is considerably taller than his Mother (and me!). Jem has grown over ½” in the same time, and looks very solid and well. He has been learning the piano this term and plays quite well. He has to go to Granny Withers’ to practice.

I gave a lecture to the Luton Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society last Wednesday called ‘Post-War Aims in Civil Aviation’ – not a very serious effort. I took Christopher with me and he enjoyed the show.

I had hoped to have the Sat., Sun., and Mon. off this weekend, but could not quite manage it. Saturday was clear however, and in the afternoon we all went to see ‘Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs’ which we missed when it was round before. On Sunday, I had to go to the office in the morning and to-day I had to spend the morning with Warner. He brought me a book and some razor blades from America.

We all send our love to you. I wish you could have a change, and hope it can be arranged soon. We shall probably leave here if & when the new job materialises.

Your own loving son


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