Re: his mother's health, and mentions meeting Orville Wright during his trip to the States (Letter, January 1946)


My dearest Mother,

I am very sorry to hear that you have to go to bed for a time but I am sure that it is the wisest course and not so unpleasant at this time of the year. It is certainly worth while if the treatment is going to do you good.

My own feeling is that instead of making arrangements to lie abed in your own house you should if possible go to a nursing home or a private ward in a hospital. I should, of course, be glad to pay for anything of the kind. I know it is difficult to get into hospitals now but it is worth trying. You would be looked after better than could possibly be accomplished at home, however kind & helpful aunts & other may be. Alternatively you might possibly get hold of a nurse to stay in the flat with you. Don’t reject these suggestions without careful consideration – the private ward idea is the best if it can be achieved.

I quite agree with you that there is little use in bringing the boys down at present. M & I will come the weekend after they return to school, that is, on the 19th. We will make our own arrangements.

We again have a hope of a flat. If this comes off, then when we are settled you will be well enough to come to see us and the boys will be on view at the weekend.

I am enclosing the notice of the meeting at which I gave the Wright Bros. Lecture. I will send you a copy of the lecture when it is published in full next month. Incidentally, Orville Wright is still alive & well & I went to see him in Dayton, Ohio.

All my love

Your own son


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