"I poise on buoys" (Sketch and poem, 1928)

I poise

On buoys

With ease

They rock

I mock

This little wheeze

They’ll not

One jot

Disturb my sublime pease (!)

I jeer

Drink beer

Eat bags of Gorgonzola cheese

I am

A Damn

Good climber up the greas-

-y pole

Ja Wohl!

I twist my knees …

But poise

On buoys

With ease


I shall publish these little masterpieces in a thin, delicate volume in suede binding and scented with Poudre Nilde (just behind the ears) on every third page. Very likely, p’raps not … who shall say?

My love to Grandma & Dad,

Fondest love, my dear Mother,

Your son


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