Re: hopes for the future (Letter, July 1931)


My dearest Mother

I did not get your letter until this morning. It is, I think, time we came to see you again but I don’t think we can come at Bank Holiday. I am not thinking of any travelling discomfort, but I shall not be able at that time to take any leave (apart from the Monday) and doubt if it would be worth coming on Sat. to return on Mon. when one takes the biggish fares into account. I haven’t, you realise, begun to taste any particularly noticeable prosperity yet. Actually, as you have no doubt gathered, things are very much in the melting apart & I cannot take my leave for two reasons. One is that if I am going back to Bedford I have many things to finish off here first, & the second is that I am continuously being required to talk over the proposed RAW re-arrangements and do not want to be ‘out’ of things in this transition period.

It has been my idea to take leave round about the end of August & beginning of Sept., and my hope is that during that leave we can come to B’ham. By that time I hope to have rounded off my researches here, to know how the land lies in Beds., and to have broken the back of my lecture preparations. If, as you say, Auntie Hil could then have us for a day or two it would be delightful. I should be relatively carefree and we could see you every day.

In the future, when I have had my greatly enhanced salary for long enough to pay off my overdraft and feel comfortable, I hope I shall be able to run down to see you much more frequently.

I feel more confident in the future than I have ever before. Here’s luck to all of us.

With much love from M. & C. and me to you both

Your own son



Dear Grannie

Am enclosing a snap of Christopher taken at Whitsun. It’s not flattering but exactly like him when he is frowning.

Love in haste


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