Nursery rhyme and three Cox drawn birth announcements for his son (Document, May 1932)

“Where are you going to, little Mrs Eddy?”

“Up the Orinoco to catch a new Teddy.”

“Where are you going to, little Mrs Swales?”

“Up the Mississippi to catch a few snails.”

“And where are you going to, little Mrs Horridge?”

“Up to the heathen to take them some porridge.”


And little Mrs Eddy lost her tippet on the way,

And little Mrs Swales lost her glove,

But little Mrs Horridge got an Easter Egg

From the heathen with their very best love.


So those who complain of the heathens’ ingratitude

For civilised benefits must change their attitude.





“The usual prizes are offered for the best poem, of not more than 16 lines, mentioning snails, Easter, Mrs Eddy, ingratitude, porridge, a lost glove and the Orinoco.”

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