Letter re: R101 disaster (October 1930)

Ridgemont Hotel



My Dearest Mother

So you can see that it is as well that Collins and I didn’t start for India in R101. I haven’t heard details yet – Monday’s papers will have enough – but I ‘phoned Cardington and it seems they are all dead – Richmond, Scott, Colmore, Brancker, Lord Thomson and many others I knew. I can scarcely realise it yet, it is so terrible: only seven of the crew appear to have survived. It was a great shock to me when I heard this morning. There will be a lot of ‘I told you so’s’ these next few weeks, questions in the House and a long enquiry. It is, I am afraid, the end of airships in this country. It is all very sad.

I hope that you and Dad are alright. We are all well here, and have just had a long walk on the Common.

With much love from all of us to you both,

Your own son


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