Letter re: forthcoming trip on Graf Zeppelin (August 1931)

The Ridgemont Hotel
S. Farnborough

Wed. 19th Aug.


My dearest Mother,

Thank you for your last letter. The weather here continues rotten, altho’ it changed for the visit of the Graf Zeppelin to Hanworth last night. Marjorie and I went to see it. It returns to Hanworth to-night and I am going back to Germany in it. By the time you get this I expect I shall be in Friedrichshafen. I shall be back in London on Saturday afternoon and we all go to Worthing on Sunday.

I am taking Marjorie & Posh over to Hatch End to-day to Marjorie’s sister. Her address will be as

Hill View Rd
Hatch End

All the Withers’ are down at Sidmouth. I don’t know whether their weather is better than ours, but hope so.

Well, much love from us all to you both: hope you are well,

Your own loving son


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