Letter re: "Dirigible" premiere (June 1931)

Ridgemont Hotel
South Farnborough



My dearest Mother,

I see that you have had a Tornado in Birmingham! I hope you suffered no damage. It was very windy here at the same time as your Tornado, but nothing like so severe as what you in Birmingham experienced.

Marjorie and I went to see ‘Dirigible’ on Monday evening in Town. I borrowed a car and we dressed in style and enjoyed ourselves. It was a wonderful film, and the pictures of airships were most impressive. It was a very distinguished audience. I saw Lord Cunliffe – the Secretary of State for Air - Sir Eric Geddes, Handley Page & others.

On Sunday, at lunch time, Christopher complained of his ear and started to cry. He seemed to be in pain so I got a doctor, who said he had a small abscess in his ear. He told us to give Post ½ an aspirin and put him to be. We had a prescription made up but never used it as the sleep he had after the aspirin seemed to have cured him. The Doctor came next day and said that the thing had broken & need expect no more trouble, tho’ he wanted to see Posh again on Wednesday to make sure all was well.

I don’t think I have any more to tell you. I hope you and Dad are well. Much love from us all to you both,

Your own son


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