Re: discussions with Richmond over his scheme (Letter, January 1925)

Jan. 30th

My dear Mother,

The parcel has arrived safely.

I have had a very busy week indeed, both at the works and on my own job.

My scheme is being used, as I told you, and I think it will be O.K. Old Richmond and I had a protracted argument this afternoon on another matter:  we talked at each other for hours, and I got my way at the finish, thank goodness. Collins & Baker never open their mouths, and had R.’s suggestion gone through the work would have doubled. Baker is an excellent fellow, and appears in this week’s picture.

I believe all the donkey work of my own job is over. I ‘finished’ last night, and applied a certain check, with the result that the final figures are proved to be better than I dared to expect, but not so good as I had hoped. There remains the ‘writing up’, but I must see Bairstow before I finally decide that my results admit of no improvement.

I am glad your cough is better. Hope you are all well.

Give my love to G’ma & Dad,

Fondest love,

Your own son


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