Letter re: R38 prize (1928)

Monday night

My dearest Mother,

I am glad you and Dad are so pleased about the R.38 prize. Marjorie and I are very bucked.

I only hear indirectly of Baker now. He was married last July in Glasgow to a girl named Fiona Walker – her guardian is, or was, Sir Donald McAlister, the Principal of Glasgow University. He has recently, I understand, gone to Watford to the Building Research Institute.

Strangely enough, Malaema is not in my dictionary. It sounds a dangerous sort of thing. I hope the X-ray will find out the root of the evil.

I hope you will, as you say, be able to come to see us soon. I can tell you a bit, though, about what Marjorie has got. She has got all the flannels, petticoats, nighties, and dresses for the first month or so. She has little woolly boots, and a house full of nappies. She has three coats, four vests, three body belts. that’s all I can think of. She would like a little woolly dress (shortened). When Marjorie met Fanny, she said she would give her some St Neots lace. The child (why ‘little visitor’? is going to live with us at 16, Bushmead Avenue. Of course, it will visit you, and then perhaps live up to its name) will have the christening robe that Marjorie and her sisters had.

When you come you will find the house a bit changed. We are having our bedroom done up and the dining room is now upstairs with the spare room opening out of it. The old eating house is to be the maid’s bedroom. We are very pleased with her.

Well, give our love to Dad and hopes that he will soon be better.

Fondest love to you, my dear,



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