Letter in which Cox describes his nightmare in which an airship crashed (January 1927?)

Grand Hotel
Monday 11/1/--
10 am

Marjorie my dear,

When you get this I shall be haring towards you at a rate of knots, and ‘od not he who hinders my passage, or obtrudes upon the picture of you which I shall all the time see as through a glass (my windscreen) darkly.

Last night I dreamed vividly and horridly of an airship breaking in the air and men hurtling down hanging onto charred cinders with vultures already at their eyes, while others were covered with crabs like red disc wheels. A friend and I killed crabs and crabs messily with hammers. It was devilish: must ask Freud about it.

I hope you are feeling fit again, my dear. Must see a doc., you know. I hate to think of you having pains.

I am frightfully fit, and almost as I was in my young days (two or three years ago), full of beans, enthusiasm & optimism.

I fear I am rather bombarding you with missives but I (as you say) can’t help it. I am now one of the scribes. I have once more read my two letters from you – balm to the soul.

I shine with an inward light and in the evenings I am phosphorescent.

Amor mia, je t’aime at je t’adore.




Grand Hotel

Same day

My dear,

In answering your letter this morning, I omitted to answer a leading question.

ROXBEE comes between Harold and Cox and I am generally known as Roxbee Cox* rather than Harold Cox, this latter appellation being reserved for the eminent economist.

To-day is glorious but the darker for your absence.

Loving you,



* ct. Winston Churchill, Lloyd George etc

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