Letter to mother (August 1924)

Friday, 8th August

My dear Mother,

I have just received your letter and parcel, and am glad to hear your glasses suit you at last.

Richmond is quite enthusiastic about the airship curves, and we have instituted a curve campaign. I am doing the mathematics and I have a draughtsman working full time drawing out the curves. It is possible, by my method, to produce hundreds of different shapes, and so we are getting a lot done to test which is the best for our purpose.

Richmond is an old fox. The ‘your’ and ‘you’ in his curve conversation is becoming ‘our’ and ‘we’. For example, to-day – ‘We shall have to write a paper on the method, Cox …’ Not ‘arf we shan’t.

I am afraid news is a bit thin this week. I have learnt, much to my surprise, that next to the Director of Airship Development himself, the highest paid man on the staff is Scott, a strange thing, I think. I expect that he got his £1200 to prevent him going with the Burney people, who are building the other ship.

I think I have about finished. I’ll try and hunt up a bit of news for the week-end letter, same as you.

Sorry to hear Vi is dickey. Hope she’ll soon be O.K.

Hope all the family otherwise is fit.

Give my love to Dad and Grandma.

Fondest Love, my dear Mother,

Your own loving son,


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