Letter including a sketch of loading R33 (September 1925)

Sept. 20th

My Dear Mother

I have even less news than usual, I am afraid.

We expect to fly on October 5th, weather conditions being suitable, but before then Collins has to arrange what is called a Lift & Trim Trial on the ship which might require my assistance at Pulham. However, I expect to take a day or two off before then.

I shall spend the day in London to-morrow (Monday).

They are getting the ship ready for flight as you can see by the picture overleaf taken at Pulham by our representative.

The new mooring-mast here at Cardington is going on splendidly & is half built already. It will be a very imposing structure.

I will write you next on Tuesday I expect. Hope you enjoyed Harold Lloyd.

We have had a very windy night, but to-day is milder.

Hope G’ma & Dad are well.

Give them my love,

Fondest love, my dear Mother,

Your own loving son


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