Letter re: flights in bombers (January 1931)



My dearest Mother,

It is ages since I heard from you and I have been going to write every day for the last days. I have been so tremendously busy however that I have had no time however. Spencer is away with influenza, and my work is doubled. Moreover I am working every evening on my part of the Handbook of Aeronautics which Gale & Polden are publishing.

On Friday afternoon I was flying in one of the big bombers, which had something the matter with it which I was looking into. I was up for about ¾ hr and the temperature was zero: my face got quite numb in the wind (120 miles an hour). On Monday I was up again in a still bigger bomber, & had the most delightful flight I have had since the old R33 days. I sat in a little cockpit right out at the front, where the front wall and part of the floor are glass. The view was wonderful and above the clouds it was a perfect day.

We have had intense cold here, then a thaw and now it is getting cold again.

I hope that you & Dad are well & that Uncle Geo. is no worse.

Much love to you both from Marjorie & Christopher and me.

Your own son


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