Letter re: possible return to Royal Airship Works (July 1931)



My dearest Mother,

Not much news I fear. I should very much like to be seeing you soon but cannot leave here at the moment as the situation generally is very unsettled. You see, it is like this. It is probable that I shall be transferred to Cardington (say nothing about it) as Senior Technical Officer there. If this is done, there is a vast amount of work to be finished off here before I can go. I am therefore working hard and intend to take no leave until I have finished all I want to do. If then the time has not arrived for me to move, or if I don’t move, I shall take some leave. I am expecting to go to Cardington in about 2 or 3 months time, & hope to have leave in a month or six weeks. It is however, essential that I should get everything here finished off as soon as possible.

I have had a letter from G’ma Stern congratulating me on my promotion. In it she says, or so I read it, ‘I would be pleased if you would send me the Times’. Do you know what she means? Let me know if you do.

Marjorie & Posh & I send our love to you both & hope you are well.

Your ever loving son


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