Letter to Cox from H. T. Tizard, Imperial College (February 1937)

South Kensington
London S.W.7


Dear Roxbee Cox,

Rumour, that lying jade, tells me that some words of disappointment from me about the progress of the balloon work have reached you in such a way as to give you the impression that I thought Farnborough was not putting its back into the job. So I want to say, in case there is anything in this, that I have great confidence in your ability & keenness & that I know how hard you work & finally that I also know how easy it is for an armchair critic not to realise fully the difficulties of the men actually doing the job. When do you come to the College next? I should much like you to look & see me if you have time. Perhaps you could ring up & suggest a time.

Yours sincerely

H.T. Tizard

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