Letter re: business trip from Washington DC (September 1938)

The Carlton
Washington, D. C.

Fri. Sept. 30th

My Dearest Mother

It is very terrible, but my time is so full here that it is harder to write letters than it is at home.

You know from the paper I gave you what my route is, and so far I have followed it. Of Quebec & Montreal I saw little, but was in Ottawa 2 ½ days. It is not very impressive as a Town, but the outskirts are handsome.

We came here by train, changing at New York, of which I had a glimpse only in driving between stations. I hope to be there again before I return.

We have busy days and late nights here. Pugsley bears up quite well but finds himself a little uncomfortable in the whiskey drinking male company we keep. Whiskey is apparently the national drink, Heaven knows why.

I shall be glad to be back, war or no war. As I write the Washington papers are proclaiming peace, but it can’t last.

With love to all in Birmingham & hoping you are well,

Your own son


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