Letter from the Norfolk and Washington DC Steamboat Company steamer (October 1938)

Norfolk and Washington D.C.
Steamboat Company

Aboard the Steamer

My dear Mother

I find my time very full, but here is a short note. I am writing it on a steamer going down the Potomac from Washington to Langley Field. We left at 6.30 pm and expect to arrive at 6.30 am, sleeping on board. We return the same way to-morrow night. On Thursday night, I go to Hollywood, which is the centre for the factories in California.

We have seen quite a lot of Washington, which is a very fine city. It is renowned for ‘sea-food’ and we have tried several well known restaurants.

I have been very anxious at the news lately, and still am. We seem to have postponed the war for a bit, so I am relieved about the safety of all of you in England.

I hope to get back to England on Oct 24th.

Love to you all. Hope you are well

Your own son


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