Letter to mother from Hotel Roblin, Paris (April 1938)


My dearest Mother,

French pens do not seem to suit my style, and the ink seems a bit thin.

We left Croydon to-day at 12.30 and, as we had a strong wind behind us, we were at Le Bourget at 2.10. Unfortunately it was rather bumpy and both M. and I were a little upset. Nothing much, fortunately. The French have started Summer Time so we had to put our watches on when we arrived.

We left Christopher well and already M. is bucking up. Paris suits her temperament, and she likes this hotel. We have the room I had when I was here 2 years ago!

We had dinner to-night in a small French restaurant where the cooking was marvellous but where we had too much to eat!

It has been a lovely day, and we have enjoyed our afternoon. And so to bed, hoping you are well.

We leave here early on Thursday.

Love from M. who will be writing to you,

Your own son


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