Letter written on R.M.S. Queen Mary notepaper (October 1938)

Cunard White Star
R.M.S. “Queen Mary”

Sat. 22nd Oct.

My dearest Mother,

I was glad to find your letter, dated the 11th Oct., waiting for me in my cabin. I wondered when I should get one from you. I think some letters may have gone astray, as I had no letters from M. for a long stretch.

She spoke to me on the telephone at the height of the crisis, and said ‘Come back’, but by the time the fastest boat, this one, was due to sail on Oct. 6th the war had been postponed.

I flew, as I think you know, from Washington to Los Angeles. Last Thursday week I flew from Los Angeles to New York, & last Monday I flew up to Buffalo and back. I have done about 6000 miles by air, which I think is as much as I have done in the rest of my life.

So far, we have had a marvellous journey back. We left New York in the afternoon of Wednesday, and it has been pretty calm. I have several friends on board, & am having an amusing time. There are Frank Halford (the designer of Napier engines & a cousin of Halford Wiggins) travelling by chance with his first wife and their daughter. A man named Kundelberger, who is President of one of the West Coast aircraft firms, and another named Passmore, President of a Canadian aircraft firm, who has married tobacco. These, with hosts of shipboard acquaintances pass the time away.

Otto Kruger sits at the next table to me. Did you see him in ‘The Housemaster’?

I expect I shall soon be seeing you to tell you bits I have forgotten to write.

Glad to hear you are well.

With love

Your own son


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